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Sibasish Laha

Sibasish Laha.png
CASS Postdoctoral Scholar

Office: SERF 435
Phone: (858) 534-4429 or (858) 822-5820

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Research Interests

I work on observational aspects of black-hole and host-galaxy co-evolution using multi-wavelength data from space and ground based telescopes (XMM-newton, Chandra, Suzaku, HST, ALMA etc). In particular I am interested in studying a special type of galaxies called active galaxies (AGN) where the central super-massive blackhole accretes matter at a very high rate and thereby shine very bright in almost all detectable wavelengths. The particle outflows emanating from the centre of these galaxies may have sufficient energy to impact the way the blackhole and the galaxy develops in cosmic timescale. A part of my work is based on studying the nature of these outflows.