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Education and Outreach

The UCSD Physics and CASS departments are actively involved in numerous education and public outreach events.

The physics department EPO webpage can be found here.

Below is a calendar of upcoming outreach events as well as links to specific programs.

UCSD Physics and Astronomy Contacts

Feel free to contact us to organize any of the following:

  • Campus lab tours
  • Presentations/demos/Q&A sessions with local astronomers and physicists
  • Suggestions for events that we could be involved in
  • Contact: Nicholas Galitzki <>

UCSD Physics and Astronomy Event Involvement

San Diego Science and Engineering Festival - EXPO Day @ Petco Park March 4th

  • CASS portion of booth run by Nicholas Galitzki <>
  • Physics portion of booth run by Daniel Klein <>
  • Volunteers Needed!

UCSD Physics and Astronomy Outreach Programs

Young Physicists Program (YPP) Organized by Daniel Klein <>

UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman Physics Bridge Program

Useful Links

Professor Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial

Backyard Astronomy Basics

Guide to Backyard Astronomy -UK 1

A good page with plenty more interesting links for intro astronomy

Guide to Backyard Astronomy - UK 2