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Name Dates of Visit Office Research

Yan, Qinghao
Visiting PhD student
Tsinghua University and SWIP, China

January 2-
June 30,
SERF 311
Theoretical problems in plasma physics, such as delay time between heat flux and gradients in drift wave turbulence and pattern formation in complex systems. He will be continuing this work with Dr. Diamond.

Murray, Norman
Visiting Scholar
Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)

July 1-
December 31, 2019
SERF 438
FIRE and IFU observations of high redshift galaxies/quasars

Cao, Norman
Visiting Graduate Student

1, 2019
28, 2019

Steve, Lewis
Visiting Scholar
Northrup-Grumman (retired)

July 1,
2017-June 30,2018
Visiting remotely
Development of the mathematical tools needed to determine the neutron star equation of state using astronomical measurements of the macroscopic properties of these stars.

Guo, Weixin
Visiting Graduate Student
Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST)

1, 2017-
March 29,

Haxton, Wick
UC Berkeley

April 22-
May 22,
SERF 412
Research interests include neutrino and nuclear astrophysics, direct dark matter detection, early solar system evolution and planet formation, and many-body physics, the latter ranging over topics as diverse as the quantum Hall effect and frontiers in extremely large basis (10^10 Slater determinants!) shell model/Lanczos calculations.

Li, Bo
Visiting Scholar
Peking University

October 22-
October 29, 2016

Murray, Norman
Visiting Scholar
Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA)

October 15, 2016-
January 15, 2017
SERF 406
Studies of galaxy formation and quasar/black hole feedback

Zhu, Xinzhe
Visiting Scholar
Nankai University

July 1,-
August 31, 2016

Miyaji, Takamitsu
Visiting Scholar

Jan. 1-
Dec. 31,
SERF 433

Fedrow, Joseph
Visiting Graduate Student
SDSU Dept. of Astronomy

Sept. 2012-June 2013
SERF 408
Scalar field quintessence models of dark energy.

Aberasturi, Miriam
Visiting Graduate Student
Centro de Astrobiologia

May-December, 2012
Very cool stars and brown dwarfs