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Shelley Wright

Associate Professor, Physics

Office: SERF 414
Lab: SERF 463-463A
Phone: (858) 534-3316

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Personal web page
CASS Optical Infrared Laboratory

Research Interests

Shelley Wright is an observational and experimental astrophysicist. Wright focuses on understanding how galaxies and supermassive black holes form and evolve over cosmic time, using innovative instrumentation with integral field spectrograph coupled with adaptive optics. Wright also designs and builds advanced near-infrared and optical astronomical instrumentation. Wright has led instrument programs at Lick and Keck Observatories, and is the Project Scientist for the first light instrument IRIS for the Thirty Meter Telescope project.

Awards & News

University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011
Hubble Postdoctoral Fellowship 2009-2011

Select Publications

"Providing stringent star formation rate limits of z 2 QSO host galaxies at high angular resolution" Vayner, Andrey; Wright, Shelley A.; Do, Tuan; Larkin, James E.; Armus, Lee; Gallagher, Sarah C., ApJ, arXiv:1410.4229

"The Infrared Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: Overview of Innovative Science Programs" Wright, Shelley, + IRIS science team, 2014, SPIE, 9147, 91479S

"A Near Infrared SETI Experiment: Instrument Overview" Wright, Shelley A.; Werthimer, Dan; Treffers, Richard R.; Maire, Jerome; Marcy, Geoffrey W.; Stone, Remington P. S.; Drake, Frank; Meyer, Elliot; Dorval, Patrick; Siemion, Andrew, 2014, SPIE, 9147, 91470J

"Two ten-billion-solar-mass black holes at the centres of giant elliptical galaxies" McConnell, Nicholas J.; Ma, Chung-Pei; Gebhardt, Karl; Wright, Shelley A.; Murphy, Jeremy D.; Lauer, Tod R.; Graham, James R.; Richstone, Douglas O., 2011, Nature, 480, 215

"The Presence of Weak Active Galactic Nuclei in High Redshift Star-forming Galaxies" Wright, Shelley A.; Larkin, James E.; Graham, James R.; Ma, Chung-Pei, 2010, ApJ, 711, 1291

"Dynamics of Galactic Disks and Mergers at z ~ 1.6: Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy with Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics" Wright, Shelley A.; Larkin, James E.; Law, David R.; Steidel, Charles C.; Shapley, Alice E.; Erb, Dawn K., 2009, ApJ, 699, 421

"Integral Field Spectroscopy of a Candidate Disk Galaxy at z ~ 1.5 Using Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics", Wright, S. A.; Larkin, J. E.; Barczys, M.; Erb, D. K.; Iserlohe, C.; Krabbe, A.; Law, D. R.; McElwain, M. W.; Quirrenbach, A.; Steidel, C. C.; Weiss, J., 2007, ApJ, 658, 78