University of California, San Diego
Physics 11 - Survey of Physics

H. E. Smith   Fall 2005

Physics 11 - Assignment #3

October 2005

The following questions and problems will be discussed in the Discussion section meetings on Wednesday, Oct. 12. Homework solutions will be posted about Oct. 11.

Read and understand two-dimensional kinematics as described in Chapter 3 §1 - 6. Pay special attention to vectors which we will only touch on in class.

Ch. 3 - Problems: 2, 15, 18, 23, 24, 30, 39, 58.
(Identical in both editions).

  • Assuming that the "monkey" in the "Shoot the Monkey" demonstration is 5.0 meters from the hunter and drops from a tree 2.0m above his head, confirm that the hunter hits the monkey by aiming directly at him.

  • A group of Physics 11 students note that Professor Smith walks beneath their dorm window each morning at precisely 7:45:00.0am on the way to his office. During breakfast they sneak into the kitchen and steal a raw egg which they conspire to drop on his head. Professor Smith is 1.8 meters tall and walks at a pace of 2.0 m/s. The dorm window is 12m above the sidewalk. At what time should the students release the egg? Where will Prof. Smith be at that time?

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