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If you want to learn more about astronomy, you should consider joining your local amateur astronomy association. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has a well-maintained list of amateur associations. Please submit your suggestions to the address at the bottom of this page for materials which might be useful for other amateur astronomers. Remember, amateurs are just unpaid astronomers, and have made many significant contributions to the field. The amateur associations often have observing sites, star parties, newsletters and enthusiasts who can help you get started in exploring and enjoying the heavens.

In the San Diego area, contact the Ames (Iowa) Area Amateur Astronomers - slow load, but a model for club homepages!

Following are some WWW sites of special interest to amateur astronomers:

Students for the Exploration of Space (SEDS) U Az Chapter - amateur section.

Messier Catalog(just in time for your Spring Messier Marathon!)

Comets & meteor showers.

Centaurs and other Kuiper Belt denizens (also back up to their minor planets list).

JPL Comets Visible page and Hale-Bopp only. Browse JPL.

Also check out our astronomy links for real and virtual astronomy site tours.

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