Accessing the World Wide Web

Decide what you want to do, at least initially (it may save you $$).

Connect to the Internet (via your Internet Service Provider or whatever).

Start your browser.
                 Your browser is a program stored on your computer.
                 It will format your information requests, send them out,
                 interpret any reply, and display it on your terminal.

Tell the browser what to do
                 You can start a search using a search engine.
                 You can ask for a specific page using your bookmarks
                 You can go to a page you know (location == URL or URI)

Wait for the answer to come back.

Decide what you want to do now, and do it (using the menus or the buttons).
                 You can save/print the information you received.
                 You can bookmark the page for future reference.
                 You can use the page to jump to another page.
                 You can go back and start all over again.

Hopefully you accomplish your aims. Sometimes you run out of time.