Selected Publications of Geoffrey Burbidge

Direct links below are generally to the online journals which may require a host domain from a subscribing institution. Local PostScript/PDF files may be downloaded as an alternative.

"A Different Approach to Cosmology:From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality". Burbidge,G.,Hoyle,F.& Narlikar, J.V.
Cambridge University Press, (in press)

"A Different Approach to Cosmology." Burbidge, G., Hoyle, F. & Narlikar, J. 1999, Physics Today, 52, 38.

"The Origin of Helium and the Other Light Elements." Burbidge, G. R. & Hoyle, F. 1999, ApJ(Letters), 509, L1.  [Local PostScript]  [Local PDF]

"Very close pairs of quasi-stellar objects." Burbidge, G., Hoyle, F. & Schneider, P. 1997, Astron. & Astroph., 320, 8. [Local PostScript]  [Local PDF]

"On the Hubble constant and the cosmological constant." Hoyle, F., Burbidge, G. & Narlikar, J. 1997, MNRAS, 286, 173. [Local PostScript

"Two universes." Burbidge,G.R. 1996 Astrophysics and Space Science,244(1/2).

"Further astrophysical quantities expected in a quasi-steady state Universe." Hoyle,F.,Burbidge,G.,&Narlikar,J.V. 1994 Astron. & Astroph., 289, 729.
[Local PostScript]  [Local PDF]

"Astrophysical Deductions from the Quasi-Steady State Cosmology." Hoyle, F., Burbidge, G. & Narlikar, J. 1994, MNRAS, 267, 100. [Local PostScript

"A Quasi-Steady State Cosmological Model with Creation of Matter." Hoyle, F., Burbidge, G. & Narlikar, J. 1993, ApJ, 410, 437. [Local PostScript

"A Revised & Updated Catalog of Quasi-Stellar Objects." Burbidge, G. & Hewitt, A. 1993, ApJ Suppl, 87, 451. [Local PostScript

"Synthesis of the Elements in Stars." Burbidge, E. M., Burbidge, G., Fowler, W. & Hoyle, F. 1957 Rev. Mod. Phys., 29, 15. (B2FH)

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