CASS The William F. Marlar Library
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The CASS Marlar Library is open to all members of CASS, and the Departments of Physics, Chemistry and Electrical & Computer Engineering. The library is supported by the continued generosity of the William F. Marlar Foundation, a philanthropic fund assisting scholars in the Space Sciences.

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Marlar Library Policy
The CASS Marlar Library is open to all members of the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences and its sponsoring departments --- Physics, Chemistry, and ECE. The library will also be open on a temporary basis to limited groups of individuals who are "sponsored" by CASS members. Sponsors should notify the CASS Librarian and/or the Chair of the Library Committee when such guest priveleges are being offered.
Circulation: The Marlar Library is intended as a reference library. We hope to avoid problems with the disappearance of library materials without being so restrictive as to limit the library's usefulness. A provisional policy will be as follows: Library Books are not to be removed from the Marlar Library with the exception that CASS MEMBERS only may sign out volumes on an overnight basis. Books signed out SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING and should be RETURNED WITHIN 24 hours. There are circulation cards in the inside cover af all books. Please sign the cards and place them in the box next to the door. There is a copier in the Library to avoid the necessity of removing journals for duplication.
The books in the Library have now been catalogued according to the Library of Congress Catalog System. When you have used a volume, please place it in the reshelving tray. The librarian will reshelve books to be certain that they are properly placed.
Marlar Library Committee
Prof. Harding E. Smith, Chairman

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